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What is Qurbani?

What is Qurbani?

What is Qurbani in Islam? Qurbani is the ritual that takes place during the days of Eid al-Adha, in which an animal is sacrificed, and the meat is distributed accordingly. This ritual stems from the story of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS), wherein Allah (SWT) instructed him to sacrifice his son, Ismail (AS). Out of their devotion to the Creator, the pair obliged; however, Allah (SWT) put a ram in Ismail’s (AS) place at the last minute, leaving him completely unharmed. This was a reward for the pair’s undying devoutness.

Qurbani is still performed to this day; however, it has naturally evolved with time. So, what is Qurbani in a modern sense?

The Qurbani Meaning

In Arabic, Qurbani means “sacrifice”. This symbolises the sacrifice that the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was willing to make in the name of Allah (SWT). As Muslims, we should all learn from this commitment and be willing to make sacrifices of an equal scale.

Is Qurbani Farz?

Yes, Qurbani is Farz for all Muslims who have reached puberty, are of sound mind, and have wealth that exceeds the Nisab threshold.

At What Age is Qurbani Farz?

Since Muslims need to have reached puberty before they qualify for Qurbani, the age at which Qurbani becomes Farz depends on the individual.

Every Muslim who has reached the age of puberty, is of sound mind, and has a wealth that exceeds the Nisab threshold must give Qurbani.

How Does Qurbani Work?

Traditionally, Muslims performing Qurbani were required to carry out the sacrifice themselves. They were then required to split the meat into three equal parts: one of these parts was for themselves and their families, another was for their friends and neighbours, and the final part was for those in need.

Qurbani works a little differently in this day and age, as slaughter laws in the UK mean that Muslims in this country aren’t able to perform the sacrifice themselves. Therefore, today, Muslims in the UK typically donate the cost of at least one Qurbani share to a charity, such as Charity Meals. We then use this donation to purchase and slaughter an animal in an Islamic country in line with the Islamic slaughter rules and distribute the meat to those in need.

Ultimately, Qurbani works to provide people in need globally with nutritious food to eat and give Muslims the opportunity to make a sacrifice in the name of Allah (SWT). Donate your Qurbani to Charity Meals today to fulfil your duty to the Creator and reach those who need it most.

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