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We are delivering Ramadan food parcels in Palestine, Syria, Pakistan and more. Donate to Ramadan 2024

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Unlock the potential of a community Trapped by hunger

Hunger is not just about food. Its consequences cripple whole societies and trap
communities in the cycle of poverty. Hunger harms at every level.

The simple solution is to feed the hungry, to feed the children.

Palestine Emergency

Children, families and the elderly have no food and water. Help URGENTLY

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Iftar & Suhoor Food Parcels

Feed the needy this Ramadan 2024. Donate £30 Iftar & Suhur Food Parcels & give the gift of food.

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Pay your Fidya & Kaffarah

Pay your Fidya and Kaffarah before Ramadan 2024 and feed the poor and needy

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Build a Water Well

Give Sadaqah & build a water well for just £25 per month or £300 one off payment.

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Our aim is to feed the hungry with nutritious, locally sourced, and sustainable food , Providing safe water access is a critical addition to resolving the hunger crisis.

There Is Enough Food In The World To Feed Every Single Person On The Planet

We feed the children, but we also feed the elderly. We feed those most in need, those without access to food and water.

This isn’t an idealistic dream. Charity Meals is working hard to turn this dream into a reality. Working together, we can become a force for good - a food charity that will feed the hungry locally and globally. In a world that produces enough food for all, hunger need not exist for the millions of people afflicted with it at home and abroad.

We support the most vulnerable communities in the UK. Behind every door, down every street, there are tens of thousands of old people, families, children, who are experiencing the indignity and desperation of empty fridges and emptier tummies.

We also support the most vulnerable communities who are suffering in some of the poorest countries in the world, responding to the complex needs of all those we support.

Join Charity meals today: the fight against hunger starts here! Join Charity meals TODAY

· In a world of plenty, hunger has no place. starts here! Stand with Charity Meals to say, “no more”.

Life-Changing Appeals

We are more than a food charity. We don’t ask you to donate food - we ask you to help bring a greater sense of self-respect and empowerment.

At Charity Meals, a meal means more. Bring hope, relief, and dignity to the world's most vulnerable communities. Donate now.

Iftar and Suhur Food Parcel

Feed the needy this Ramadan. Gift a £30 food parcel, feed a family for a month.

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Palestine Emergency Appeal

Urgent Palestine Appeal for Food & Water: Join Us in Alleviating the Suffering of Innocent ...

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Water and Sanitation

Gift a water well & provide clean safe drinking water to families and communities with Char...

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Meals for Madarsa Children

Charity Meals provide nourishing meals to Madarsa orphans across Asia, Africa, and the Middle E...

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Feed the Children with School Meals

Our aim is to ensure that children have access to healthy and nutritious food, which is essenti...

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Pay your Fidya & Kaffarah and feed the needy In the sacred month of Ramadan, the act of fas...

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There Is No Fight For Hunger Without Having Equally Safe Water And Sanitation Facilities

Rural water supply is a problem for many villages in developing countries. Access to clean water is a transformative journey for communities, which is why we run projects focused on enabling these communities to dig a well and improve water supply issues. Currently 2.2 billion people lack safe drinking water, and 4.2 billion lack sanitation facilities

Help break the cycle of poverty by supporting Charity Meals. Countless families and children desperately need clean water and proper sanitation. Your donation enables well construction and toilet installation, empowering children to reclaim their childhood and granting poor communities access to clean water.

Make a lasting difference today by giving the gift of water. Dig a well in your name and transform lives.

Join Charity meals today: the fight against hunger starts here! Join Charity meals TODAY

· In a world of plenty, hunger has no place. starts here! Stand with Charity Meals to say, “no more”.

We feed for a fairer future — food is a basic right for all

Help us to feed the hungry. Help us to feed the children. Donate to Charity Meals.