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Our mission is to fight poverty and hunger by providing meals and food items to those who can’t fend for themselves

Qurbani 2024

Join Our £25 Qurbani Appeal: Share the Joy of Eid Your Qurbani donations mean that you can sha...

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Hot Meals

Provide hot meals for those facing hunger and starvation

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Feed Orphans in Gaza

Unlock the blessings: Feed an Orphan in Gaza for one whole year.  Your support will allow us t...

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Palestine Emergency

Urgent Palestine Appeal for Food & Water: Join Us in Alleviating the Suffering of Innocent ...

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Family Food Parcels

From just £30 you can feed a family for one whole month. Give food to communities across the g...

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Feed the Children with School Meals

Our aim is to ensure that children have access to healthy and nutritious food, which is essenti...

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Water and Sanitation

Gift a water well & provide clean safe drinking water to families and communities with Char...

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Meals for Madrasa Children

Charity Meals provide nourishing meals to Madarsa orphans across Asia, Africa, and the Middle E...

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Discover Palestine Charity Activity Book

This not just a book but a lifeline! Your £5 not only educates your child about Gaza's history...

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Providing life-saving meals through Zakat At Charity Meals, we understand the important signifi...

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Community Kitchens in the UK

At Charity Meals, a meal means more. Bring hope, relief, and dignity to the world's most vulner...

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Feeding the Next Generation

While free school meal vouchers are available to a proportion of children in the UK, this barely scratches the surface of true child hunger in the UK.

In other communities across the globe, free school meals do not exist. Through partnering with schools and educational organisations, our aim is to make sure every single child has access to at least one school meal, but that this also extends out into the community.

Parents and elders themselves choose to go hungry in a bid to make sure their children get enough food. Too often, this means many adults can go days without eating anything.

Food and Water for All

The truth is, there is enough food in the world to feed every individual person - the distribution and allocation of that food is what drives the fight against hunger. The global food supply chain is not fit for purpose, which is why working with organisations such as Charity Meals ensures you do your bit to reverse this trend and guarantee that those who are struggling have better access. Being given free school meal vouchers or visiting the nearest foodbank are mere sticking plasters in the battles against hunger and poverty.

We need your support in building a community kitchen or preparing community meals, which will help to power the fight yet further in combatting hunger locally and globally.