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Ramadan Food Parcel

Feed the needy this Ramadan. Gift a £30 food parcel, feed a family for a month.

Ramadan Food Parcel
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What is Iftar and Suhoor?

With Ramadan being a global experience, it is normal for a lot of people to wonder about the meaning of Iftar and Suhoor. To put it simply, Iftar and Suhoor surround a fasting day in the blessed month of Ramadan. Iftar and Suhoor times contain special virtue. The supplications made around these times have a special status and the highest likelihood of being answered. Suhoor is the meal consumed to begin the fasting day, while Iftar means breaking the fast with dates and other types of food.

Ramadan Iftar and Suhoor bring families and communities together, allowing everyone to celebrate their faith and cultural differences. These are the times for sharing food as well as smiles, contributing to an atmosphere of joy and contentment.

Iftar and Suhoor Times

The time for Suhoor is the time before dawn when the believers eat a nutritious meal like breakfast to start their fast. The believers conclude their fast with an Iftar meal, which is savoured at sunset. The difference between Iftar and Suhoor is that one begins the fast, and the other brings it to an end.

Be Their Lifeline this Ramadan

Remember the plight of the needy and widowed families this Ramadan. In the emotional silence of grief, widowed mothers find themselves struggling to provide for their orphaned children. Orphaned children roam the streets as their desperate pleas for food echo through the night. Older people, the weak ones and children crave nourishment that often remains out of reach.

Feed the Fasting

Despite the physical struggles, many endure hardships and continue fasting, seeking Allah's (SWT) approval and blessings. During this sacred month of Ramadan, we are fortunate by Allah's (SWT) mercy to enjoy warm, freshly cooked meals with our families. However, it is important to recognise the imparity and extend our compassion to those in urgent need of food.

For just £30, you can contribute towards Iftar and Suhoor Food Parcels, providing the precious gift of nourishment to the less fortunate. Imagine the joy that will fill their homes as they taste warm, nutritious meals at Suhoor and Iftar time.

This Ramadan, your compassion can be their lifeline. With Suhoor and Iftar meals, give the vital gift of food. Let poor families enjoy the luxury of having hot meals to begin and break their fast. The Prophet (SAW) mentioned the promise of a great reward for those who provide food to a fasting person in the following hadith.

Whoever gives iftar to one who is fasting will have a reward like his, without that detracting from the fasting person's reward in the slightest." (Sahih Tirmidhi)

The Rewards of Charity in Ramadan

Your donation during Ramadan, the blessed month of giving, is an opportunity to multiply your rewards. With conflict, war and natural disasters claiming lives daily, millions of families have been displaced. It has multiplied the number of vulnerable children, and older people left alone to fight for their survival. Donate generously to help those in great need this Ramadan. The Prophet (SAW) said about those who do give in charity at times of need:

“The most beloved of deeds to Allah, may He be Exalted, is that bringing joy to a Muslim, or relieving him of distress, or paying off his debts, or dispelling his hunger.” [Narrated by At-Tabarani in Al-Kabir: 13646]

For just £30, you can feed a family of five for an entire month. Your donation is their hope. This small donation is less than the weekly food bill for many, yet it is capable of making a big difference by transforming lives.

Donation Packages

Gift ONE Food Parcel

Feed ONE family in Ramadan

Gift TWO Food Parcels

Feed TWO families in Ramadan

Feed a family for ONE whole year

Feed a family for a year

Gift 30 Food Parcels

Feed 30 families in Ramadan


Delivering Food Parcels to over 18 countries worldwide

Charity Meals delivers Food Parcels to some of the most impoverished regions, including Gaza, Palestine, Pakistan, Somalia, The Gambia, Jammu & Kashmir, India, Yemen, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and many more.


Iftar and Suhur Food Parcels in the UK.

In the UK, we extend our support to people in need by delivering emergency food parcels directly to people's homes. As the cost of living continues to rise each day, thousands of individuals are facing challenges in putting food on their tables, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

Our food parcels serve as a vital resource, empowering families across the UK and providing much-needed relief in times of difficulty.

More Than Just a Food Parcel

World hunger is on the rise, affecting 1 in 9 people globally. Our Iftar and Suhoor Food Parcels contain nutritional staples sourced locally, benefiting vulnerable orphans and widows while supporting local economies. Your support not only feeds the fasting but helps communities prosper.

See the Impact Your Donations Make

Act Now to Make a Difference

Join Charity Meals in the mission to feed the hungry this Ramadan and gain immeasurable rewards. Your donation today provides not only food but hope, comfort, and a promise for a better tomorrow. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those in desperate need.

You can donate online or call our 24-hour donation hotline at 0207 100 8866 to get further information or make a contribution.