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Kaffarah in Ramadan

Kaffarah in Ramadan

“O you who believe, the fasts have been enjoined upon you as they were enjoined upon those before you, so that you may be God-fearing.” [Al-Quran 2:183]


Kaffarah is an Arabic word that means expiation or compensation in English. It is an expiation for deliberately breaking a compulsory fast of Ramadan by intentionally eating, drinking, or engaging in marital relations. Breaking the fast without a valid reason is a major sin, and those involved in it need to engage in sincere repentance besides offering prescribed compensation.

What is Kaffarah in Islam?

Allah (SWT) has made fasting in Ramadan obligatory for all Muslims. Fasting is the fourth pillar of Islam and an important aspect of a believer’s life. The obligation is only for the month of Ramadan, and making up for missed Ramadan fasts at other times of the year, missing or breaking a fast of the holy month amounts to violating the sanctity of a vital principle of the faith.

“The month of Ramadan is the one in which the Quran was revealed as guidance for mankind, and as clear signs that show the right way and distinguish between right and wrong. So those of you who witness the month must fast in it…” [2:185]

The believers are required to abide by the tenets of the faith and act upon the clear guidelines set by Allah (SWT). Failing to carry out the basic duties of a Muslim requires contrition and recompense, which is incorporated into Kaffarah's meaning. The Kaffarah for breaking a fast is to fast for 60 consecutive days or feed 60 poor people.

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How Much Kaffarah to Pay for Not Fasting

Kaffarah in Ramadan 2024 is £4 to £5, depending on the region. You can pay your Kaffarah donation to Charity Meals for £4 per person. The Kaffarah for feeding 60 needy people would be £240 altogether.

Charity Meals is a global charity committed to fighting food poverty around the world. Our team works hard to source, prepare and deliver food packs and freshly cooked meals to those in need. Making Kaffarah payments through Charity Meals gives you the peace of mind that your donation is handled well and spent on eligible individuals in accordance with the principles of the faith.

How to Pay Kaffarah

 According to Kaffarah rules, the prescribed Kaffarah payment comes in the form of a hierarchy of accepted penalties. The individual required to offer the atonement has to choose the first one unless unable to do so. In case of an inability or hardship, they can move to the second and then the third form. The three forms of Kaffarah for violating a Ramadan fast are mentioned below.

The First Form of Kaffarah Donation

 The first accepted form of Kaffarah is to free an enslaved Muslim. Although slavery in the old-fashioned way does not exist in today’s world, modern slavery is on the rise. An individual can donate money towards the freedom of an enslaved person if possible. If this is not one of the available or accessible options, then the Kaffarah payment can be made in the second form.

The Second Form of Kaffarah Donation

 The second form of penalty is fasting for two consecutive lunar months without a break. If a break is taken between these expiatory fasts, one has to start fasting for two consecutive months all over again. However, in the case of a woman’s menstrual days, her compensatory fasts are considered consecutive when there is a break because of the monthly cycle.

The Third Form of Kaffarah Donation

The third form of valid Kaffarah payment is feeding 60 poor people. This can be done in a variety of ways. A person may feed one needy individual 60 meals or provide food in any other combination in which 60 meals are given for each day of broken fasts to deserving people. It is also permissible to give Kaffarah payments to a charitable organisation that will feed 60 people on behalf of the repenting person.

Pay Kaffarah with Charity Meals

Kaffarah payment takes away the burden of sin and opens the path of redemption. Forgiveness is one of the greatest attributes of Allah (SWT), as mentioned in the Quran.

“[Allah is] the Forgiver of sin and Accepter of repentance, the Severe in punishment, and Infinite in bounty. There is no god worthy of worship except Him. To Him alone is the final return.” [40:3]

Pay your Kaffarah payments with Charity Meals – a world hunger charity working to feed those going through starvation. The team at Charity Meals is dedicated to ensuring everyone gets freshly sourced, nutritious meals for survival. Our team prepares and delivers hot meals and essential food packs to vulnerable children, widows and older people in regions hit by food poverty. Pay Kaffarah donations to Charity Meals and support our vital campaigns to save lives across the globe.

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