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Qurbani in the UK

Qurbani in the UK

Qurbani 2024 in the UK is fast approaching, and that means that Muslims everywhere will be looking for the most convenient way of fulfilling their obligation to Allah (SWT). While Qurbani online UK donations are typically used in Islamic nations, Charity Meals allows you to give your Qurbani in this country. Since the UK is a developed nation, it’s sometimes forgotten that there are people experiencing poverty and hunger not too far from our doorsteps. With Charity Meals, we can make sure your Qurbani reaches those in desperate need in the UK.

What is the English Translation of Qurbani?

In Arabic. Qurbani means sacrifice. This stems from the ultimate sacrifice that the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was willing to make. Allah (SWT) instructed him to sacrifice his son, Ismail (AS), and out of the pair’s devotion to the Creator, they obliged. At the last minute, though, Allah (SWT) put a ram in Ismail’s (AS) place, leaving him unharmed. This was a reward for the pair’s unwavering commitment to Allah (SWT).

How is Qurbani Honoured in the UK?

Since Muslims in the UK aren’t allowed to slaughter animals on their own accord, Qurbani in this country is typically honoured via a donation to a charity that will carry out the sacrifice for you.

How Much is Qurbani in the UK?

The Qurbani price in the UK will vary depending on the type of animal you select. You might choose to purchase a single small animal (like a sheep or goat) that accounts for one Qurbani share. Alternatively, you can purchase one-seventh of a large animal (like a cow, bull, ox, buffalo, or camel), which also counts as one share of Qurbani.

How to Do Qurbani in the UK

Charity Meals makes it very easy to do Qurbani in the UK. You simply donate your Qurbani to our UK appeal page, and we’ll do the rest. In the UK, only licenced slaughterhouses are permitted to slaughter animals, so we make sure that we comply with these laws and distribute the meat from the sacrifice to those in need.

Give UK Qurbani with Charity Meals

Here at Charity Meals, we’re dedicated to providing the most vulnerable members of society with nutritious food to eat, and the teachings of Qurbani align with our mission. So, be sure to give your Qurbani to Charity Meals, and we’ll use your donation to make the sacrifice during the days of Eid al-Adha and distribute the meat to those who need it most.

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