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Prophetic Qurbani

Prophetic Qurbani

Every time that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) performed Qurbani, he doubled his sacrifice. In doing so, he gave one share on his own behalf and also gave a second share on behalf of his community. The reason behind doing this was to multiply his impact, as well as provide those without a means of performing Qurbani to obtain the rewards linked with such.

What is Prophetic Qurbani?

Quite simply, Prophetic Qurbani emulates the practice of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), as it refers to a Muslim donating two Qurbani shares – one on their own behalf and one on behalf of the global Muslim community. By donating a Prophetic Qurbani, Muslims are able to reach more people in poverty and obtain additional blessings in the eyes of Allah (SWT).

Why Give Prophetic Qurbani?

By giving Prophetic Qurbani, Muslims are able to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). As a result, they can express their devotion to the global Muslim community and their willingness to make sacrifices for their Creator. Additionally, a double donation allows Muslims to feed twice as many people, providing more with the opportunity to enjoy fresh meat during the blessed celebration of Eid al-Adha.

When is Prophetic Qurbani Given?

Prophetic Qurbani and standard Qurbani are performed at the same time, so this means that you’re able to pay your Prophetic Qurbani to Charity Meals at any point during the countdown to Eid al-Adha. The sacrifices will then take place during these blessed days.

Can You Give Qurbani on Behalf of Prophets?

The name “Prophetic Qurbani” can cause some confusion, leading some people to believe that it refers to donating Qurbani on behalf of Prophets. Despite this, some scholars don’t actually allow Qurbani to be carried out on behalf of Prophets. Instead, Prophetic Qurbani reflects the act of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), in which a Muslim gives Qurbani on their own behalf, as well as on behalf of the global Muslim community.

Give Your Prophetic Qurbani with Charity Meals

With Charity Meals, you can help twice as many people in need by way of a Prophetic Qurbani donation. All Muslims are encouraged to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), doubling the number of people they help and their own rewards.

Using your donation, we’ll purchase two animal shares under your name and carry out the sacrifice during the days of Eid al-Adha. So, donate your Prophetic Qurbani to Charity Meals today.

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