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How Charity Meals is Helping Communities this Winter

Communities in Need 

In today’s world, where many countries are hit by war, conflict and disaster, the number of communities dependent on external support is rising. Some of the regions battered by war and conflict include Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and Lebanon. In addition to this, climate extremes and economic crises are equally to blame for driving people into poverty and destruction of stock, lives, and livelihood. In many areas globally, the population is reliant on support provided by charities for their survival. Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Somalia and Kenya are hit by economic shocks like many other developing countries of the world.  

With a significant increase in the cost of living in the UK, many families are facing the immediate impact. Many cannot afford to keep their homes adequately warm. Those on minimum wage struggle to buy necessary grocery items after paying their monthly bills, and children are sent to school without breakfast. With cuts in benefits and jobs and an increase in homelessness, there is a strain on social services and existing food banks. In current conditions, the support provided by charities is crucial to the well-being of those living in underprivileged areas.  

How Charity Meals is Supporting Communities 

Charity Meals is working hard to support vulnerable communities in around 18 countries across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, as well as the UK. There are many ways in which Charity Meals is helping communities across the world. Read on to find out more about some of its relief work and support programmes.  

Family Food Parcels 

Charity Meals recognises the dire need to feed families in deprived areas. It is working to provide family food parcels in disadvantaged areas. One food parcel provides nutritious food to one family and lasts a month, costing £30. Two food parcels will suffice for two families or one family for two months, while the year pack can feed a family for the whole year and costs £360. You can choose to donate towards any of its donation packages towards family food parcels. With Charity Meals, give a glimmer of hope to those suffering from hunger and gift food parcels. Continue to support the Winter Appeal of Charity Meals and help our team gift food parcels to those who eagerly await your help.  

In the Muslim faith, charity has been given great importance. It is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Those who participate in charitable deeds are promised manifold in return. Those supporting orphans are given the glad tidings of the company of the Prophet (PBUH) in paradise. 

Hot Meals 

In addition to food parcels, Charity Meals’s unique food programme aims to provide hot meals to the neediest and most vulnerable. While its Community Kitchens prepare welcoming and filling hot meals in the UK, Charity Meals is also providing warm food to communities affected by hunger in other parts of the world. Support Charity Meals’ Winter Emergency Appeal and, with just £1, donate a hot meal for one person. Charity Meals is dedicated to eliminating starvation and malnutrition in impoverished areas. Join hands with them and donate to keep the most vulnerable warm through the gift of hot meals. 

Winter Emergency Kit 

Charity Meals is delivering winter support by distributing winter emergency kits in deprived areas across multiple countries. One such kit contains food, water and winter essentials and aims to serve as a survival kit in communities at the immediate risk of starvation and death. The winter crisis appeal by Charity Meals mentions it as a winter survival pack with necessities needed to survive in desperate circumstances.  

The life-saving winter essentials delivered by Charity Meals include blankets, hats, scarves, and gloves, aiming to protect children and families from atrocious colds.  

Clean Drinking Water and Sanitation 

Apart from food and warmth, Charity Meals also ensures access to safe drinking water and hygiene facilities for needy communities. Its water projects include providing clean water to schools and families and building water wells and safe toilets in deprived areas. This is part of Charity Meals’ commitment to make sure no one suffers from dehydration and starvation. Alongside food and water, good hygiene practices and safe toilets are also essential for the good health of a community.  In a world where around two billion people live without safe water and a similar number live without safe toilets, Charity Meals’ water programmes are vital to the health of a large percentage of the world population.  

Providing water is considered to be the best Charity in Islam. On being asked on about the best charity, the Prophet (PBUH) is reported to have said, ‘a drink of water’. 

Sa’d ibn Ubadah reported: I said, “O Messenger of Allah, my mother has died. Shall I give charity on her behalf?” The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Yes.” I said, “Which charity is best?” The Prophet (PBUH) said, “A drink of water.” [Sunan al-Nasai 3664]  

With your generosity, you can support the substantial work being carried out in disadvantaged communities. For £25 per month, you can donate to provide a water well for a family, and £30 can buy safe drinking water for schools and families in need.