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Palestine Emergency

Palestine Emergency
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Urgent Palestine Appeal for Food & Water:

Join Us in Alleviating the Suffering of Innocent Lives

In the midst of ongoing airstrikes and relentless conflict, families are caught in a nightmare, facing unimaginable fear and despair. Innocent children, fragile babies, and helpless adults are struggling to survive each day without access to basic necessities like food, water, and crucial medical supplies. We are reaching out to ask you to donate to Palestine to help provide urgent essentials like food and water.

Hunger in Palestine - An Increasingly Desperate Situation

The situation is dire and is only set to get worse. Families have been displaced from their homes, their lives shattered by the devastation of conflict. The relentless bombings have claimed thousands of lives and left countless injured. Buildings have been reduced to rubble, leaving those lucky enough to survive in dire need of immediate assistance.

Our Palestine Emergency Appeal will get help to those most affected on the ground - fast. Our trucks are heading for Palestine; food parcels and water supplies will give immediate relief to those affected.

Our Commitment and Your Vital Role

Our dedicated teams are on the ground, working tirelessly to deliver urgent aid. We are providing life-saving food, clean water, and emergency kits to protect the most vulnerable among us. But we can’t do it alone - we need your help.

If You Can't Feed a Hundred People, Then Feed Just One.

Palestine Emergency Hot Meals Distribution Gaza 29/06/2024

Act Now: Make a Difference

Your support is critical. By donating now, you are providing immediate relief to those in distress. 

How You Can Help?

When you donate to Palestine, every contribution you make will go directly towards delivering essential supplies to those in need. We promise to keep you updated on our progress, ensuring complete transparency and accountability for every donation.

Explore our Children's Palestine Activity Book! With a contribution of just £5, you not only support the creation of engaging activities but also provide five hot meals. Learn the history of Palestine while enjoying entertaining and educational activities. Order here - Discover Palestine Charity Activity Book

Palestine Food Parcel

Provides one food parcel.

Emergency Kit

Provides an emergency kit (Includes medical and basic hygiene)

Give 1000 hot meals

Provides 1000 hot cooked meals to children and families

How Are We Delivering Food & Water in Gaza?

Charity Meals has a longstanding partnership with organizations in Palestine, spanning over 8 years. Anticipating the worsening situation, we took swift action, purchasing food from local suppliers on the first day of the conflict.

We've already distributed thousands of food parcels and tens of thousands of cooked meals, alongside essential cash handouts. Our goal is to be prepared for when borders open, enabling us to swiftly reach victims with vital food, water, and medical aid.

Palestine Emergency We spent time with displaced children in Gaza - Filmed 2nd November 2023

Your Impact Can:

- Feed hungry families.

- Provide clean water for drinking and sanitation

- Deliver emergency kits for basic hygiene and health care.

- Offer a glimmer of hope to those who have lost loved ones.

Together, we can bring hope and restore a sense of humanity in the midst of chaos.

Please, donate today and join us in our mission to save lives and alleviate suffering.