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Libya Disaster

Libya Disaster
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Libya Storm Emergency: Urgent Appeal for Food & Water

Libya is reeling in the aftermath of a devastating storm caused two dams to be breached. Flood waters literally washed away a quarter of the city leaving a trail of destruction in the Libyan city of Derna. With 11,300 lives lost and many thousands more missing, the scale of this tragedy is immense.

According to the Libyan Red Crescent, the death toll could be even higher, with fears that up to 20,000 people may have perished when Storm Daniel slammed into the northern coast of Libya on Saturday night causing tsunami like flooding across the region.

This catastrophe has torn apart families, leaving unimaginable grief in its wake. Remote villages are in crisis, and hundreds of individuals remain trapped or unaccounted for.

Entire homes have been washed away, leaving communities isolated. Hospitals are struggling, and many are finding shelter in school buildings due to the unsafe conditions.

Telecommunications are down, and the streets are full of washed up bodies, with the remains of the departed, too dangerous to retrieve.

Libya is not a stranger to natural disasters. The last flood experienced by the country occurred in 2019, which claimed the lives of four people and affecting thousands. This latest disaster has gone down in history as the deadliest flood in Africa since 1900.

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

Libya Storm Emergency

Charity Meals is on the ground, working hand in hand with partners, to deliver food & water to the victims and survivors of Storm Daniel. Our mission is clear: to provide immediate aid to those in desperate need, reeling from the impact of the Libya floods.  

How you can help?

Your support can be the lifeline that sustains the people of Libya in their hour of desperation:

Food Parcel

Provides 1 Food Parcel

Emergency Kit

Provide Emergency Kit

Clean Water

Provide Clean Water for 1 month

The Critical Need

Join us in bringing urgent relief to the people of Libya as they face this overwhelming disaster. Your support can help rebuild lives and communities, one meal at a time.

Your Impact can:

- Feed hungry families.

- Provide clean water for drinking and sanitation

- Deliver emergency kits for basic hygiene and health care.

- Offer a glimmer of hope to those who have lost loved ones.

While the Libya disaster itself was fleeting, its impact will be felt by the people of Libya for years to come.

Please, donate today and join us in our mission to save lives and alleviate suffering.